What access do AppSheet staff have to cloud s...

(Michael) #1

What access do AppSheet staff have to cloud storage?

I assume, AppSheet staff can access our apps with full rights, this would then give full access to any cloud storage that has been connected to the app editor. Is this accurate?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Michael, each AppSheet account maintains an access token so that you can work with your data and your apps can run. That token gives our code the ability to access your data (eg: Google drive). We cannot directly open your Google drive and look at it. However, if we had to debug your app for example, our code fetches the data and so via a code debugger, we can look at the rows being fetched from a spreadsheet.

Also, we (engineers on our team) have the ability to run anybody’s app. As a policy though, we do not randomly run the apps of our customers. We do this only to debug issues and almost always only when a customer reports an issue. The exception to this is when (very occasionally) there is an app that is logging a lot of errors or causing other system anomalies. Any such access is logged in the audit trail of the app. This is a brief summary of a very exhaustive InfoSec (Information Security) policy that provides the guidelines for our operations. This policy is also audited and conforms to SOC 2 standards.

I hope this clarifies. We’re happy to share our InfoSec policy with customers who request it (support@appsheet.com).