What am I missing here?

What am I missing here? I’m returning 2 lists of text and an empty list of text.

Uh, you haven’t shown what your return value is assigned to.

If all that looks good, then just save the app to see if it actually goes through. I have had occasions where the assistant showed me errors, I couldn’t find anything wrong, so I saved and then re-inspected and all was good.

It’s in a valid if. For whatever reason both columns being keys is what is causing it even though that should make -2 difference since its just a text field.

If I may add, I believe since the expression uses keys of two different tables, the valid_if points to a list of reference values that point to two different tables. This I believe leads to the error in expression.

If one creates two VCs say one each on the respective tables that simply copy the key column and then use them in valid_if, I believe the error will not show.

Two VCs can be [SKIP_REASON V] with an app formula [SKIP_REASON] and [REASON V] with an app formula [REASON]

Please try using these VCs in the IFS() expression in Valid_if

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Still seems like a bug cause a list of reference values and a list of text work just find for it. I mean what if I had like 4-5 tables that I needed to pull into this valid if? I would need to make 4-5 VCs that would be cluttering up my tables just to get the value of the keys.

Correct. I think, error detection, also depends on how functions are built. Instead of creating so many VCs , you could alternatively try to use use a nested IF() instead of IFS(), something like

IF([Decision]=“Offer Position”, Table 1[SKIP_REASON], IF([Decision]=“Disposition”, Table 2[Reason], LIST(" ")))
As per my understanding, IF() will not give error even if you use key columns directly.

    (LIST() + table1[column1]),
    (LIST() + table2[column2]),

Hi @Steve ,

Wow. Brilliant use of LIST() to nullify ref flavor from the list.

My testing also showed that IF() also seems to do the job in place of IFS() . Could you guide on any specific reason IF() works but not IFS(), I mean even when directly used with key column list.
Edit: added some more description.

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Probably just a bug, probably with IFS(). I’ve found IFS() has several very obscure bugs.

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Got it. Thank you @Steve

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