What AppSheet Enhancements Would You Like? W...

What AppSheet Enhancements Would You Like?

We are collecting ideas for AppSheet enhancements. What new services, platforms, and device capabilities you would like us to integrate with AppSheet?

For example, people have asked us to integrate: 1. Payment system like Stripe or Square 2. Data providers like Firebase. 3. Printer support 4. Web services like Zapier or IFTTT (If This Then That)

Blue tooth, engine control modules for DOT compliance… :slight_smile:

I believe integrating/manipulating device sensors and/or hardwares like accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth etc. could be fantastic :slight_smile:

Would love to be able to upload short video clips straight from my device similar to taking a photo and uploading. We need these as evidence that certain tests and inspections have been carried out. Typically no more than 10-20 secs per video.

On the same topic

video playback through app not great, any chance of option to use the devices native playback without disappearing off into the world of YouTube?

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Can you expand on your ideas in the post starting with “Export/Import”?

I want to ensure I fully understand your ideas.

Import Video Files

My main application is for testing and inspection of properties. One module deals specifically with testing of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. In the app we retain text answers as to visual condition and also upload photos, but the main proof that they are working properly is a video clip of the manual test including hearing the audible alarms.

Therefore, as with images, I would like to select the field and then be offered the ability to use the camera on my mobile device to take a short video which is automatically uploaded and capable of being viewed via the app when checking our test and inspection records. This functionality is already available in Google Forms but sadly not in Appsheet.

I can think of a number of other uses for this functionality e.g. here in the UK when you get your car serviced the main dealers for Mercedes, BMW etc. carryout what they call a visual health check of your vehicle and forward a video of it whilst still at the garage. Their videos also include audio commentary about the condition of brakes, tyres, etc.

Back to my own apps I also use my public app to promote our properties and have videos within it. Whilst I don’t want users to download them the current viewing experience is very poor as it is “trapped” with a fixed frame that will not expand to fill the screen of the device.

Hope this makes sense and gives you some food for thought.

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I would like the ability to export the table schema into preferably a spreadsheet or csv document. This document woultd be similar to the show all propeties edutor screen but would include everything in a table format. This would make looking for inconsistancies, errors, missing expressions etc a lot easier.

It would also be the basis of the cudtomer documentation on handover when development is complete.

Having the ability also to import yhe schema would allow you to adapt an existing schema and import it into a new app with the ability for it to create the data table as well. This wouls save you hsving to create the source table, attach it to Appsheet and then have to recreate all property values.

Ditto with Actions and conditional formating.

Have a wait condition in an action.

Sometimes you have an action that writes to the spreadsheet, yet also triggers a workflow.

At the moment you get a race condition where either can complete first.

Somehow protect the Appsheet data so an iPhone cannot clear the Appsheet cache whenever it wants.

Also, fix the issue where Appsheet cannot create shortcuts to a specific App on iphones.

Create a voting system where App Devs can vote on features.

Akin to SCRUM/Agile, treat us as the project owner.

Otherwise, you risk creating features only a few people want.

I agree with @Simon_Robinson that it would be great to share and vote collaboratively on new features.

I really could use

geolocation capabilities - place a pin and get the closest address back (or the reverse) would be a big data entry improvement.

I’m just going to throw this out there. If appsheet focused only on the features requested / needed by this community they will probably go out of business. Example, this community it’s made up of invested users, so we naturally have less need for features that might be awesome for marketing purposes. Another example is keeping users engaged during first use, and making sure their first app comes together easily. Also, most of the active members in this community aren’t running an enterprise company with like 2000 active users. These are all conditions that appsheet needs to develop toward in order to have a well rounded product.

Appsheets growth equates to more and better development. So, while I’m a fan of having a community driven feature request board, and seeing appsheets development roadmap. The community does need to keep these things in mind.

Side note / spoiler. They’re planning on releasing a feature request app… LOL

@Grant_Stead - I don’t actually disagree as the compelling features need to drive revenue or we are all “out of business”.

By the way, my exploring appsheet is in fact to consider use in our large scale enterprise :-).

Print from mobile…press print from the phone should print to a nearby printer…


Appologies for typos. It was late at night, gat fingers and a couple of glasses of wine. :slight_smile:

@Levent_KULACOGLU In addition your suggestion of device hardware by which I assume you mean internal devices, it would be great to include a limited set of USB devices such as GPS dongles…

In addition to all the GREAT suggestions that came before mine, my company would love to see these features:

1.) Cached map data for offline use. 2.) Inclusion of USB and bluetooth GPS hardware (browser supported) 3.) Display of lines and polygons

@Grant_Stead While your points are very valid, consideration should also be given to the fact that we as invested users are likely to outgrow a platform that doesn’t keep up with our needs…

@Mike_Adler I second that one

I would love to see more options with nested tables using “ispartof”.

I’d like to see this become more than just a 2 layer reference, allowing for app formulas that pull info from a parent table, 2 tables up from the current, something along the lines [Ref_column].[Parent table value (also a ref field)].[Grandparent table value].

I’d also like to select a row in the parent table, and be able to tell the app to automatically add a new entry to the daughter table below, instead of adding or editing the parent table.