What AppSheet Enhancements Would You Like? W...

(Grant Stead) #41

dynamic valid_if/required_if messages

(ControlProcess Pav) #42

Can AppSheet rub my back after a hard day at work? Nope? Ok then:

1 - at Table view, set SUMMARY LINE on/off. Then set what columns will have a summary and what kind (sum, average, etc)

A summary line should be the last line of a table.

2 - When creating dashboards, having better control of where to put each dashboard item and it’s size.

3 - Be able to set landscape desktop or tablet views Form fields sizes and places. No need to set pixel by pixel like in Access, but a more modular design,

like dividing the screen in 5-10 squares, then drag/drop items to occupy 3 squares width and 2 squares height. This kind of thing.

(Roberto Juárez) #43

Change name of buttons or messages as Save, Invalid Entry, Required Entry dynamically, depending of view or other factors.

(Philip Garrett) #44


You wrote "I’d like to see this become more than just a 2 layer reference, allowing for app formulas that pull info from a parent table, 2 tables up from the current, something along the lines [Ref_column].[Parent table value (also a ref field)].[Grandparent table value]. "

Topic “Accessing a Column in a Grandparent Record” in this article may be helpful help.appsheet.com - Template Start Expressions

Template Start Expressions help.appsheet.com

(Grant Stead) #45


is that notation only good in templates or can it be applied any place we can shove an expression?

(Grant Stead) #46

+JW R yeah, I’m going to agree with you. My hot list would be

adding a record to completion inside the app preferably through an action. Is a part of records connected so that if I make a copy of a parent, the child records get created as well. Bulk data uploads through CSV, with validation.

(Fabian Weller) #47

Export Charts to PDF directly to the users Phone.

(tsuji koichi) #48

Sorry for bit long lines, but those are on my wish list.

  1. Download workflow template complete file to user device (not through email)

  2. Output file type option (excel, word) in addition to PDF on workflow rule.

  3. Function like SQL Trigger (such as adding row(s) to child table when new row added a parent table)

  4. Function like SQL Union (merge) tables

  5. Upload file from mobile device

  6. Automatically generate workflow template file (PDF) periodically and save the output file to a designated/targeted table/column (currently user output PDF by workflow rule and receive email. Then upload PDF file to a certain column through form of the app. Love to make this process automated)

  7. Integration with external map service, such as Mapbox

  8. Adding custom map layer

  9. Advanced filter (column selection) on table view like Excel. By clicking column name on table view, then drop down list pop up, tick on/off to filter rows by certain columns. User can generate own table view

  10. Users option to select column on table view (similar to No.9)

  11. Export data to Excel / CVS from table view to user device (data download)

  12. Users option to change sync setting (auto background fresh, sync upon launch, delayed sync -

make those option to users)


(Grant Stead) #49

Yes, multiple bulk file/image uploads…

(tsuji koichi) #50

@Grant_Stead yes, I wish to have that one as well.

(Zikri Zainal) #51

Sometimes, we update our bosses on our job on Whatsapp.

The transition to use app still takes time and confidence.

Maybe AppSheet can have feature whereby all the submitted rows/data can be converted into text (not copy paste) so we can copy it and maybe style it to our likings and paste it in the Whatsapp groups.

Thank you.

(James Samuel) #52

Did you find a work around, until this (I agree - very useful feature) is added?

(tsuji koichi) #53

Integration with Firebase/Firestore.

Option to embed external webapp into a appsheet view.

(Bellave Jayaram) #54

@tsuji_koichi, can you elaborate on your use case?

(tsuji koichi) #55

Firebase is No SQL so not sure if Appsheet can integrate, as appsheet is based on relational data base, but hopefully it can get through.
I m currently on development of own web app where we store data to firebase and files (images) on Firesore as well. It is far more easier if we can natively connect to Firebase/Firestore, rather than coding for own web apps.
Anyway, once the web app is ready, then this external app start to interact with Appsheet app. To deepen the integration level, I wish to put the embeded link to appsheet app (as a new feature), just place the single line of url then appsheet will generate view based on the linked web page. We can achieve similarly by placing action to jump to url for external app, but it just open up on browser, which is less ideal.