What are some key reasons a csv file would sporadically not generate?

We have a client that’s been live on his system for a few months and never really has any issues with his route delivery csv and pdf files generating daily but every once in awhile he reports one of his csv files didn’t generate. I can’t find any programmatic reason for the file not generating as again he consistently gets the files.

What have you found are some causes for the csv files not generating so we can develop some key processes around them? I found a lot of how to info but I believe a good description of how the files get generated on the servers would help.

A million thank you’s

Are you generating the CSV files using Workflow Rules, or Reports, or some other mechanism?

If you are generating the CSV files using Workflow Rules or Reports, are you seeing errors in Audit History?

If you are seeing errors in Audit History, you can turn on Alerts as described in topic “Automatic Alert on Audit History Errors” in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/975998-audit-history-log
Alerts require a Business Subscription.

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Thanks Phil. I’m using workflow emails but there are no errors in audit trail.