What could be the alternative expression for performance?

Hello @HBT, i’m afraid i don’t have a better expression for you since i haven’t worked much with dates yet, but what i can tell you is that you would be much better off getting rid completely of that virtual column, and any others that you have, it just makes things so much faster, if you could give me more context about how you’re using that calculation result i could help you find a non-virtual alternative.

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@Rafael_ANEIC-PY Thank you very much for your response. The reason I respond late is that I took time to research and reflect.

What I needed was to find out that the day we are on is the last Saturday of the month.

Thanks, @Steve (uncle steve), I searched his articles and found the magic function (EWOMONTH ()). And I created a new VC and looked up the relevant table - the date I was looking for.
The returning date is stored in this VC and I have used this VC in other VCs.

The result?
Performance = Boeing 777 :wink:

The wolf has a thick neck because he does his job on his own. (would be the direct translation) but in English they say; If you want something done right, you do it yourself.


Beautiful! :slight_smile:

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