What did you learn this week? w/o 13/4/20

Hi everyone!

You all have been teaching us some incredible tips and tricks as of late and I’m really excited to see what everyone has discovered recently. For example, a number of you stated that you would be interested in helping with language translation which prompted us to start this thread.

Ready to share this week’s discovery? What was ONE thing you learned or built this week that made your application(s) better?

How to add any number of rows from any row within a table:

Updated doc:


I learn LOOKUP() for numbers, it was a bit disappointment that I got lost with the understanding that LOOKUP() is only for text value :man_facepalming:, but thanks to community for showing me the correct understanding on it.


Hi @Heru! Can you post a link to the discovery of your answer?

Here is the link to the discussion thread.

It was kind of English things, I believe, since the expression assistance also show something like this:

Which read by me, and lead me to wrongly believed, that LOOKUP() only works for text value, which surely was an incorrect understanding.

However, it was clarified by community with the discussion contained within the thread.