What did you learn this week? w/o 23/3/20

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the week! READY? What was ONE thing you learned or built this week that made you a better Creator?

I started this week so everything i did was new. i made a completly useless app for checking the stocks of the company. To bad we already had one, but it made me think on how to make use of it, and i ended up thinking about how to make an app regrouping all the informations with different views depending the user and his needs.


I just understand that REF_ROWS can be pointed to a slice :man_facepalming:


I learnt how to create a system for managing the permissions of a G-drive folder via a table and script integrated with an AppSheet app - giving me push button access control capabilities directly inside my app.


I also learnt to integrate the same permission control with G-sheets, how to copy one sheet to another spreadsheet with the push of a button (also in an app), how to manage formatting… and more, all from inside an AppSheet app; things are getting crazy over here. :laughing:


@MultiTech_Visions crazy in a good way! :tada:


@APJG_Kuroishi There’s no such thing as building a useless app, especially when you’re new to the platform. Every experience can teach you something new. It sounds like this experience already taught you something :slight_smile:


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If you put your heart into it, nothing is impossible! And believe me, doing useless things is what my heart long for… May my boss never read that.