What did you learn this week? w/o 9/3/20

Hi everyone!

We had great feedback last week and I’m excited to see what’s new for you this week. Leave your remark below and let’s see how many of us can post a new item on each new thread every week for the next month.

Ready? What was ONE thing you learned or built this week that made your application(s) better?

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I’ve learn that I need to keep my team spirit for learning AppSheet. It is just the learning path you are on, something that you grow into. Some will grab it faster, some will take longer time, and that’s Ok.
One of the key this week is related to standardization within our corporate, including folder location (SharedDrive), Co-Author, folder structure and the most important is actually naming style. Having a team with language barrier using English, bring me to introduce naming style such as use CamelCase for column names, use hungarian notation within AppSheet editors, and create own internal tips and trick.
The last week learning path has become larger with my understanding AppSheet, I will start to implement for my team this week as 20 hr minimum practice rules.


I’ve discovered new options for the CONTEXT() function and documented them:


I have learned about and implemented the new CONTEXT(“Device”) into use, successfully.


I learned that if you try hard enough, you can create a grouping system in a workflow template no matter how separated the data.


Wow! That’s a seriously impressive Appsheet learning programme!

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