What do you think of the new pricing? https:/...

(erwin blom) #1

What do you think of the new pricing? https://blog.appsheet.com/plan-changes

(Tarek Abualela (‫مهندس/طارق أبو العلا‬)) #2

Hello , I want to know what app user means ?

And if the same usermail in two different apps still paying for one or two ?

Thank you

(Fernando López) #3

Wrong decisions

(Gary P.) #4

While I understand their decision to focus on larger business clients, I don’t understand the reasoning in eliminating the standard account for those preexisting accounts. We invested all the time and energy to learn the platform and create a useful app for our community, only to have the pricing structure completely change by 5X (for their cheapest plan), rendering our apps unfeasible. If anything, we would serve as word of mouth advertising to their new business clients. As a startup, this is not the way to create stability in your brand or trust in your clientele. Grandfather your existing standard plan users, don’t hang us out to dry.

(Craig Clancy) #5

@Gary_P Agree. It feels like no recognition has been made for existing ppl who bring on users for Appsheets business growth. I don’t understand either. I certainly want Appsheet to make a buck as they rightly deserve, but to kick the ppl who helped get it to where it is, is insanity. I am only a very small contributor to this but was building plans for considerable volume of users to my clientele. This is now in question.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

@Craig_Clancy, I know you have sent email to sales@appsheet.com and we are having a constructive conversation there. I would encourage @Gary_P and @Fernando_Lopez – also please do the same. It will help us uunderstand the details of what you are trying to do with AppSheet. And perhaps we can help you move forward.

(Craig Clancy) #7

@praveen Hi Praveen, please take any comments as positive affirmations and an endorsement for your work. It is an awesome platform. Looking forward to more clarity on pricing plans. Cheers