What does the search field in map view display

What does the search field in map view display.
I cannot get it to find map locations or column… Appreciate any views

Hmm… seems you’ve found a bug:

Thanks… for a sec I thought I was losing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For me this doesn’t look like a bug. Because as I can see in your video, when you search for “Richard”, the Pin for Marilyn disappears and only the Pin for Richard is seen in the map.

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You are correct sir! I was expecting it to select the item on the map, but now that I go back and watch… you’re right it’s doing exactly what it should… Filtering out all of the results that don’t match the search criteria.

Good eye :+1:


@MultiTech_Visions :smiley:

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Can a map view be searched by date?