What expression do I use to tell my starting ...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

What expression do I use to tell my starting view to be “Company Info” if "x@mail.com" is signing in.

And “Customer Portal View” if "Y@mail.com" is signing in?

(Steven Jeffery) #2

Nevermind figured it out … “IF(useremail() = "arcticsheetmetalservice@gmail.com,cbogar77@gmail.com, desertdonkey460@gmail.com,dtarcticsheetmetal@gmail.com,ebreed@arcticsheetmetal.com,jmil335is@gmail.com, joenarctic@gmail.com,kbarcticsheetmetal@gmail.com,khelser777@gmail.com,sam.paler3@gmail.com,scottyd319@gmail.com”, "Company Info ", “Customer Portal”)

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Is it really working?

(Steven Jeffery) #4

How do I tell my Customer Detail view, to open my customer custom table view?

It is opening my internal site equipment view, and I dont really want to go through every column and adjust the showif’s to differ depending on useremail.

so I made a slice of the information I want to show the customer, and then a view off that slice.

But how do I make the customer detail view link to the customer table view?

Add a VC with link to view in the table, and then reference the VC column in the slice?

(Steven Jeffery) #5

I figured it out.

I added the VC to my main table that referenced the read only slice I created for my customer.

I then told the UX to use that view.

Easy fix, I already knew how to do but forgot.


(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Glad you were able to find the way!

(Steven Jeffery) #7

Yup, it changes which starting view depending on whether the emails listed above are there or not.

So by default it works to start my customer portal view.

Because their email is unique to the ones above.

kinda a work around, but yah it works.

(Steven Jeffery) #8

Are you proud of me? :slight_smile:

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

The reason why I’m asking… this formula should always give you the result FALSE and the “Customer Portal” as a default view.

(Steven Jeffery) #10

I will double check it.

(Steven Jeffery) #11

Damn it, your right!

So how do I fix this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #12

IF( IN(useremail(), {arcticsheetmetalservice@gmail.com,cbogar77@gmail.com, desertdonkey460@gmail.com,dtarcticsheetmetal@gmail.com,ebreed@arcticsheetmetal.com,jmil335is@gmail.com, joenarctic@gmail.com,kbarcticsheetmetal@gmail.com,khelser777@gmail.com,sam.paler3@gmail.com,scottyd319@gmail.com}), “Company Info”,“Customer Portal”)

(Steven Jeffery) #13

you are

literally my hero! Thanks Aleksi

(Aleksi Alkio) #14

You’re welcome