What features are in the Preview release?

  • Flexible Steps

  • Versatile Tasks

Tasks, Events, Processes are modular and can be reused across multiple bots

  • Intent-Aware authoring

    • Powered by Google AI, Natural Language Processing
    • Suggestions for Bots, Events & Processes
  • Intelligent Document Processing

    • Auto extraction of documents powered by Document AI
    • Supported documents - Invoices, Receipts & W9 forms

  • Connectors / Events

    • Sheets, Drive data source (various file types)
    • Data Change Events
      • Salesforce (Adds / Updates)
      • Sheets (Adds / Updates)
    • Scheduled
      • For/Each support
  • AppSheet Events Add-On

    • New add-on to support real time updates to Sheets


Is this an app built on appsheet? We use RPA automations and want to combine monitoring those bots and our appsheet app metrics into 1 place so I want to look under the hood of that app to see how you guys structured it.

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@Austin_Lambeth check out this resource for more info http://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/4865411-automation-monitoring

OH I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!! thank you guys so much for your hard work and passion. You are giving the little guys the tools to bring their passion and vision to the world!

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Hi @Austin_Lambeth

This is a really interesting use case…the monitoring feature of AppSheet are really only intended to monitor AppSheet processes. It would be interesting to see if it would make sense to create an App that does some monitoring of RPA (or other processes)…

Which RPA provider are you using (UIPath, Automation Anywhere, etc…)?
Do they have APIs available that you could invoke as a webhook to check the status of robots or do they have the ability to write the status of bots out to a DB or Sheet?

Any other information you have about this use case would be interesting to hear about.


We use UiPath.

This would be more of a monitoring outputs written to our own database on the status of bot processes. I do believe UiPath has API functionality but I am not versed enough in it to use that so I just code a logging functionality into my bots that rights to the database we use for Appsheet. We also use Alteryx with Alteryx Scheduler so as you can see we have many different places that we need to monitor processes from and we want a singular hub to monitor everything. We currently barely monitor them well enough on their own.

No one in our organization is particularly knowledgeable on database design, we know the basics and get by just fine, but I want to pick Appsheet’s brain(app) about how to best make logging records and then recreate your app to our needs. Just researching it reading post and articles online is much more boring than reading an app.

It is indeed an AppSheet app. The monitoring data is sources from native table(s) in your app.

I don’t think I understand the flow. So is it building the W9, or is it just reading the W9 and entering it into the google sheet?

Its reading the W9 and extracting it into a table automatically. If you have a view against that table, you will be able to see the extracted data in that view.

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What OCR process are you guys using for this? Cause we literally have an appsheet app already developed that used AWS Textract to read invoices, pull out pieces of information and put it into a MySQL database that we correct and approve and make changes to through appsheet. I assume y’all will be leveraging some Google version of Textract?

We leverage Google Cloud Document AI to power this feature.


Are these features going to be included in a base Appsheet License tier(Enterprise, maybe Pro?) or is it going to be a specific add on?

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Hi Jennifer
Thansk for posting this so that we stay focusing on upcoming powerfule feature to add the richness to the appsheet overall.

Unless we attend to the possible turorial session organized by Appsheet team, it could be diffult to get the full pictures to see how Appsheet automation is going to work. I just read the new docs you posted to the documenation, my general quesion which is not answered by myself is what is the major difference between Appsheet Automation & Combination of exsiting features of Action+Workflow. Hopeful we will get the clarity pretty much soon.

Also i m quite eager to know about the details of Appsheet Event Add-on…
For instance, we manually change the value to the cell in the sheet, it will fire the process to update the Appsheet UI ? If so, Appsheet could be turned to be working on Realtime Database. :grinning:

Read the documents once again, and it is also interesting to see the intelligent document processing. For now , we have OCR function and modeling, but honestly it did not work as expected so I never used on the production app for this feature. Any AI solutions (For the moment() is not always accurage and involved human to correct errors. I hope this new Document AI solution with Appsheet could give us opportunity to give lesson to AI to work better and correct error, and move on.

Thank you again.


Hi @Austin_Lambeth, that sounds amazing…I have built an app around invoice management and that’s what I’m missing!!
If this new development from Appsheet doesn’t give me what I need, I’d love to speak in more detail about your processes?
Thanks :slight_smile:


When this feature will be released ?

I was really looking forward to an update related to automation!
Finally owed! Thanks!
The question is: Automation is a set of functions available for PRO accounts or only for BUSINESS?

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Me too I’d love invoice processing for an inventory app

Me too, tell us more @Austin_Lambeth, that sounds very useful moonwalking parrot party parrot

@tsuji_koichi the announcement includes a primer which is in tutorial format. I would give that a try and see if you can implement some of the use cases mentioned in there. I am answering some of questions below:

  • Major differences between automation/ action + workflow: There are 2 major differences - 1) Extended grammar: In automation we have support for wait, calling sub-processes and advanced branching, visualization 2) Support for External data change events - for eg: bots can execute processes based on data change in Sheets and Salesforce without requiring the changes to come in through an app.
  • AppSheet Event Add-On: Manual data changes to the sheet will result in a process getting executed if a bot is configured to react to the data change event (Employee Onboarding example in the primer covers this use case). You could send a push notification to the app (using the notification task) that can alert the app user of the data change & the app UI can be synced to get the latest change.

Hope this helps.


I’m hoping the existing OCR feature will remain or if it is combined with the new data extraction feature that the capability to do custom OCR schemes will stay. So many businesses have miscellaneous use cases that require a custom OCR scheme.

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