What happens when I change an App from public to private

I’ve been building a system for use by our company and asking our team of low tech users to test it while the app remained in prototype mode as a Public app.

I’m now getting ready to deploy the app and require user login. However most of my users now log in as Guests. I need to figure what to expect when users currently using it as guests, suddenly find the app requires sign in.

  • Do I need to create a White List for all my users, or can I let them use my app as long as they log in?
  • Do they need to create an account to log in, what is the process they will encounter when they next try to open the app after it’s been made to require user login?

Unfortunately most of my users will not try to enter anything until Sunday night, to make the midnight deadline, and I don’t want to give them an excuse to avoid entering the test data.

#1 Yes you need to add their email addresses to your whitelist, otherwise they are not able to use the app when they next time sync the app.
#2 - No they don’t need to create any extra account if they are using any of our auth providers like Google, Microsoft365, Dropbox, Box, Smartsheet, Salesforce or Apple.