What has happened to the "Required If" and "S...

(Tom Graham) #1

What has happened to the “Required If” and “Show if” fields in the column options with this new UI?

I can click on the “show if” option and edit existing formulas in fields that already have a “show if” value. Otherwise, it seems I can click the button to toggle something on/off, but the field option never shows in the UI.

How can I enter “Show if” conditions in the new UI?

(Thomas Varghese) #2

Under Column name you have Show If constrain, and under update behaviour, other constraints like editable if and require if ; yes the change can be confusing, it needs time to get used to.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

The option name with the new editor is “Show?” You can find it from the column’s definition.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Two routes:

a) if you click on ‘Show Expanded View’, then the tabular view of all columns will show a formula icon next to anything that can have a formula/expression. This includes Show? Required? Editable? etc. b) if you open the column definition, then these options are there as well.

The main difference from before is that the previous UI was actually not quite sensible. It had both Hidden (true/false toggle) and Show_If with the implicit behavior that if there was a Show_If condition, it would override whatever you indicated for Hidden. The new UI recognizes that there is actually only one property that controls whether the column is shown or not. That property is either a constant (True or False) or it is dynamic controlled by a formula.

(Tom Graham) #5

ah right - ‘show expanded view’. Sorry I have not used that many times in past and forgot.

Though still confused why I cannot see the field when editing the field in the pop-out page just for that field…

(Tom Graham) #6

ah just read the rest of what Praveen wrote, and that makes sense. I’ll check this again, and advise if I think there is still something not clear with the new UI and these types of fields.