What I have: One table called 'Employees' and...

(Benjamin Williamson) #1

What I have: One table called ‘Employees’ and another called ‘Vehicles’, where a vehicle can be assigned to an employee through the ‘Vehicles’ table or an employee can be assigned to a vehicle through the ‘Employees’ table. As an additional feature, I have an additional field in ‘Vehicles’ where I can note a ‘Substitute Driver’, as well as a ‘Substitute Vehicle’.

What I would like to do: Whenever an employee is assigned as a substitute driver that person is sent a notification whose body contains–among other things–the vehicle number; when their primary vehicle is substituted with another they will be sent a notification whose body contains both their primary vehicle number and that of the substitute (Note: If the primary vehicle already has a substitute driver, both the regular driver and the substitute driver will receive the notification.

What I think I need help understanding is how to tell AppSheet in the notification recipient expression that for the updated table to look at the updated row, and pull the value of a particular column (which would then need to refer back to the driver’s/s’ user name for just whom to notify). Does that sound about right?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Benjamin_Williamson, you need a change workflow rule.

Let’s assume you are doing an email notification (the same principles apply for SMS notification, etc).

The condition of the workflow rule will be ISNOTBLANK([SubstitueDriver])

The To property of the email action will be the formula [SubstituteDriver]

This will get you the basic notifcation structure. Once this is working the way you want, you can enhance the email body to include not just the current updated row but any other information you’d want to get. For that, use a body template with appropriate <> expressions. Check the docs on workflow rules for more details on that.