What is an "Automatic consistency check" and ...

What is an “Automatic consistency check” and how can I avoid making changes the editor won’t allow me to save?

If it helps, the app name is Traq-314105


When you save your changes in the Editor, we run a set of consistency checks to ensure your updates are valid.

You control how much consistency checking we do when you pick either “Save” or “Save & verify data”.

The later does more checking and takes longer. For example, the later reads and verifies your workflow templates and we check for duplicate key values.

We offer you the two options because the more extensive checks are time consuming and can slow down your editing.

Because of the cost of checking, the Editor does not detect and prevent all of the possible errors you can introduce while your are actually editing. We do our best to detect and prevent obvious errors, but some errors are only detectable when you request either “Save” or “Save & verify data”.

People are sometimes confused when they choose “Save & verify data” and see more errors than they expect. That is because of the difference in the level of checking between “Save” and “Save & verify data”.

You should do “Save & verify data” periodically. This is especially important when you have workflow rules.

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks for helping me work through this.

The only error the error gives me is that my changes cannot be saved because the version I am trying to save already exists.

Here is my process 1. Save an update (v384) 2. Make more changes 3. Save another update (v385?) 4. Get an error that v385 already exists and tells me my changes didn’t save 5. The Version History shows that v385 was an “Automatic consistency check” which is different than “User Edit” (There are no other editors working in this app and I don’t have any other browsers open. This looks like some kind of Appsheet-related app change.)

It sounds like what you are saying is that sometimes (are there specifics?) when I click “Save” or “Save & Verify” it is making background changes that take some time before the editor recognizes them? This is something I don’t remember encountering before.


Hi Praveen,

Does this sound familiar? Sarah mentioned that you may be aware of an issue in which the server does a consistency check and AppTemplate save that results in a duplicate version number.

Happened again…

Multiple tables are removed from the “Columns” tab, but they are showing fine under “Tables” Seems like reverting is gonna fix this, I just need to find an old version that’s reasonably stable…