What is correct expression for image storage

I’m looking to better define the location of my client’s images as I understand by default images are stored in the location of the spreadsheet.

Within the table, I’ve updated the column’s Image File Folder to the following:

Is this correct? If yes, do I now update the directory of the image in Google Sheets?

Here’s what’s confusing: I’ve updated the image file folder to the new location, moved the images to the new location and deleted the old directory.

  • My spreadsheet still shows the old location so how is it pulling the right images if the old location has been deleted?
  • Also, as a user I entered a new image but it doesn’t appear in the new location so where exactly did it go?
    *We currently have 3 instances of my clients app in place (DEV,TEST,PROD) so I need to keep the directories in order. What’s the best place to ensure these are directed to the correct locations? Is the Image File Folder the only place to manage this or something else affecting the direction of the images?

Old location

A million thanks as always!!