What is the best option for me to speed up sync time on the db side

Hi, sync time after a 1000 records for a table with about 25-30 columns has been less than ideal. I am curious as to what my options are to go forward, one of our apps get about 3000 records per day (On Google Sheets) and we are in need of a solution or workaround to this.

  1. What DB providers to look at? (Paid/Free)
  2. Can we retain data that’s already in the google sheet when we transfer to another DB(Eg:SQL) and how?
  3. What is the best workaround to slow down in sync times due to a crowded google sheet?

I’d love to discuss more on this topic, looking forward to a reply.
Thank you.

Your app can use data from multiple data sources, but there is no way to treat data spread across multiple data sources as a single table in the app.

Avoid virtual columns.

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