What is the best practice for setting primary...

(Tammi Canelli) #1

What is the best practice for setting primary keys?

I’m so tired of getting app warnings.

My issue seems to be mostly with tables that have a ref.

I currently have one table with first, last, and dob as key. The other table has a ref in the last name field but when I open the detail view the first name and dob are required (assuming because of the ref?) Because it wont let me uncheck the requirement.

(Grant Stead) #2

The best thing to do is to have a physical column, I mark it as required and hidden and key, then you set it’s initial value to =UNIQUEID()

(Grant Stead) #3

Basically, every single table I make has about 6 columns of initiating information. UNIQUEID is one of them

(Tammi Canelli) #4

That worked!

What are the others if you don’t mind me asking.

On a different note…when it comes to permissions can you set permissions per view or am I better off making different apps for each functional area (i.e. 1) call out, 2) transportation 3) shelter check in.

They would all be using the same registry table but each have their own tables for their roles.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

Check out this article:


(Grant Stead) #6

@Tammi_Canelli your can make one app, and conditionally show the views

(Philip Garrett) #7


Praveen normally recommends making different apps for difference audiences. The apps can all share the same tables. This often makes each app simpler.

The more different the audiences, the stronger the argument for making different apps.

(Grant Stead) #8

@Tammi_Canelli and you can still put all the separate apps into a single app gallery launcher, and conditionally show the apps based on a user permissions profile that you would have to build out