What is the best ways with us? For Detail view with quick editable and validation

I m not perfectly sure if this is correct or not, but the detail view with quick edit got some change to behaive?

As far as I remember correctly, we could change A column value through the quick edit mode on detail view, even if we have another view which has value, violating the validation rule for that particualr column.

Currently, I noticed the change is not going to be saved on B column which is getting through own validation rule, while other column has alert in terms of breaching validation rule for data change.

I think there is a risk that the app user should have believed that they changed the value of certain fileds through the detail view with quick edit mode, but actually there will be a case where the change is not being saved as there is alert for the validation for other column on the same row.

Particularly on this detail view with quick edit mode case, I think we should have some sort of native mechanism to protect this story. If there is ONE alert for the data validation, we should through ALERT to the user that any change you are making now to this row is not going to be saved?
Or any other fields which is made to be quickly editable, those fields becomes NOT editable quickly unless they rectify the problems, i.e. to remove the alert for the validation rule is rectified.

I think the second option seems to be natural and workable, as far as there is not technical difficulties with Appsheet dev team.

I dont get any voices from my app users, but it could happen they start to claim “Oh, my data change through the view (detail view with quickly editable) is not actually saved, what is happening!” Actually the data entry for certain columns is not passing the validation rule, but it could be difficult to let them make sure that they need to be entrying all the proper values for ALL the editable fields.

For the data fields being made to be quicly editable through the detail view, I think Appsheet should throw additional alert , rather than usual “The data is invalid” alert. yes, we can customize those alert message though.

Probably most ideal solution is to throw the alert like “This data is invalid. You are now not able to edit other column unless you rectify this problem on this column” and then automatically make other quickly editable fields NOT editiable.
Once they recifyt the problen, then once again those fields become editable again.


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Additional notes.

Test showed we are not able to make a change to a certain filed value on detail view with quick edit mode IF there is validation error for the rest of field.
I assumed it could be the same story on table view with quick edit mode, but it was not.

Even we have filed value which is out of validation, we are able to change and save the value through the tabe view.

Wondering why this difference is coming from, as it does not make sense to me.


I don’t remember it this way, I remember all validation rules being enforced - and if the value you entered didn’t match, it wouldn’t complete that “edit.”

This is what the valid if error message is for my friend. (^_^)

All of this… is something YOU as the app developer would need to implement.

Hi @MultiTech_Visions

After playing around a bit with test, we found what the default behaivior of the appsheet for now which looks odd to me.

This is copy from message I sent out to Support, where you see what is the exact problem which is slightly different from my original post here, and support confirmed it as they managed to repro the problem.

I wait for their advice for the time being.


We played around a bit more and found out how it (oddly) works. Let me share what we found.

Let us assume when we open the view (both detail view with quick edit as well as table view with quick edit) , we have multiple column editable, but A Column has alert for breaching validation rule. We leave this column A untouched. And edit other column values. Then those changes can be saved. But, when we TOUCH the value of A Column but still we are out of validation rule. Alert is still on for A column. Then we made change the values for other column. Then those changes will not get through. Changes wont be saved.

I reported earlier that there are difference in the behavior between table and details view, but after we play around, I have to correct it, as both views acts equally for now.

On opening the detail view with quick edit with one or more column with alert for the validation, then it could be making sense to me the data change could be blocked. No data changes should be made for the rest of the fields, but we are currently able to do it as far as we do NOT TOUCH the colmn value with validation error.

Not sure this is what Appsheet Dev is intended, but it is looking odd to me.

Validation rule should be out there to let the app user make sure to enter the VALID data as much as possible. If there is alert, then user need to make a correction to make the data clean and neat. Unless they rectify the problem (make the validation rule passed for the row) They should NOT be able to interact wiht that row in any case, but currently we are able to change the value, which is making the validation rule partially not working to ensure the clean data is saved to DB.