What is the correct arithmetic expression to add an embed video?

Ok…I try to add an embed video but I get an arithmetic error. Search couple of videos and some
forums including this one but can not find an answer. Some examples are from 2019 and dont
help too much.

I go to colums : type : click on formula: add the video link : click save : when click on formula I see
the error.

What is the correct formula / expression to add videos?

What Im doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

Please post a screenshot of the error.

Ok… I keep playing with it and found out that in the formula there should be an expression and no
the actual video link … so my error for not looking.

So I select type: video, do I need to select “key” or “label”? What should I use for “formula”? and all
the other fields? If I go to the emulator and click “+” I only see “Title” and “Creator” it wont allow me
to add the video.

Thanks in advance, it’s been like 3 hours and I have not been able to put it to work.

Ok … found a way to do it. :slight_smile: Can I download this app into my phone to check it? Or do I have to
deploy it?