What is the difference betwen Changelocation ...

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #1

What is the difference betwen Changelocation and Latlong?

What I am looking for is to get the LATLONG of a TRUCK without an entry process or with an EDIT process…

I do not know what can I use in this case.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

With the ChangeLocation you can read what was the LatLong value when you change the record somehow or you can set it in a way, that the new LatLong value is set if you change only one column’s value. So… if you change something in the record, it will write the LatLong value when you did that.

LatLong field is just a “static” field and for example if you add an expression HERE() into the initial value, it will read the correct LatLong value when you added a new record.

Basically you can’t read a LatLong without doing something. The easiest way could be an action button with the value HERE(). But then the driver needs to press that button to launc it.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

+Javier Coronel Hi Javier, the ChangeLocation column will be triggered each time a change is made to one or more columns in the row. Changes that will trigger the ChangeLocation column include changes made directly by the app users, and changes made by actions and workflows. How the ChangeLocation column is updated upon a change depends on its app formula.

On the contrary, the LatLong column is like any other column type, in the sense that changes made to other columns will not trigger a change in the LatLong column.

Currently, I don’t think it is possible to automatically capture locations without requiring the app user to do anything at all. Even with ChangeLocation column, the user will still need to perform an action (add, update, delete, or pressing an action button) that will result in a change that can trigger the ChangeLocation column.

For your use case, I suggest creating an action button that will automatically update the location column to the current location. The user will still need to press on the action button, but it will be much more convenient than editing the column in a form view.

(Eloi George) #4

Unless Appsheet develops a “chronjob” type action that triggers per selected time interval.

It should be easy to code, but even with a minimum time selection of, say 10 minutes, they’ll have to consider how it impacts their servers.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

In-app automation is on our agenda for this year — but not in the next few months.

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #6

@Harry thanks. In that case i wich to answer this: Where the change location set the Latlong up if I am in the computer and I do some change in the app but at the same time other person is using the app in a far location?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #7

+Javier Coronel If the change is made on your computer, then the captured location will be your own location, not the location of the other app users.

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #8

understood, thanks at all