What is the generic difference between Test and Run on BOT settings?

In case the app is on the deployed state, it looks like the both Test and Run button do the same jobs. What is the difference between those two actions?




Depending on your subscription type the Email/SMS/Notification tasks will only send to the App owners account in Test.

In Run it will run as normally.

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I m not sure why and how the subscription plan, either core, enterprise or free would affect to this?
It does not make sense to me that the result of “test” would vary based on subscription plan…
We are on the Enterprise plan. Hitting test button is not actually testing anything at all when the app is under deployed state, the email , notification will be submitted to all the listed addressees instead of only to the app owners. Actually , i have mentioned this strangeness in the other post though.
Once the app is deployed, no option for testing bot option is available to me now, unless we swith back to prototype mode

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