What is the large pay load in teste mode for sending mail and how to fix it

What is the large pay load in test mode for sending mail and how to fix it?

we have never seen this before.
we copied the app and when we test the mail sending workflow it states this.
But in the original app it works fine.
what is going on?

The test page will show you a link that shows the whole payload if it’s too long. If you click that link, you should be able to see the whole one.


yea tnx, do you really think that everybody in here knows what that means in that txt that is out there, the funny thing is it sends the document but we can not do the test.
we did not have that earlier, and now we have the problem in that part.
And it states that when we inpun one line of text in template :joy: :rofl: :grinning:
large pay load.
This one small part of explanation what is wrong with our text. can you please find what it states here
and it is doing that in every app that we have

is there a solution to this?

this is all that that doc has is this a large pay load
what is going on with this please someone help?*

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.


I have had this issue since Jan 7th 2021. Please let me know if you find a solution. I have contacted support with no solutions yet.

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