What is the most performant way to get info from the triggering record


How info from the triggering record can be obtain to do some math while insuring the fastest performance?

I have a workflow that triggers when a Task record change status to completed. This workflow runs a Task action to call a Project action. This last one will update the remaining time on the project base on a time estimate set on the Project minus the time estimate for the task.

Where are your concerns?

I know just enough to make things works but things run very slow. So I assume I am doing something wrong. It sounds like I am not providing enough information.

More information would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Hi @Steve

From what I said earlier, when the workflow is triggered, I assumed that the current Task record is know which contains the duration to subtract from the Project duration. When the Project action runs how the duration from the triggering Task can be obtain. I would like to avoid having to sum all Project’s Tasks remaining time to update the Project.

Ah, this is a classic problem. There appears to be no consensus on how best to approach it.

Hi @Steve

Would it be too much curiosity asking you about other approach you would proposed beside the last one I have just indicated?

Depends what you mean by “fastest performance” because we have apps that have similar schemes and there’s no intolerable delay for the users.

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Hi @Bellave_Jayaram.

Thanks for joining the discussion! It seems that if the user delay tolerance is taken into consideration the approach to get the fastest performance would change.

I am not disputing that - I’m saying don’t fix what isn’t broken and sometimes we need to ask “what is the maximum tolerable delay “ versus “what is the minimum possible delay”.

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Hi @Bellave_Jayaram.

It sounds like you are talking from experience and it is certainly a good piece of advice. I am not at the point of drawing conclusion on the performance in this early stage but I am developing concerns.

Would you be against moving this discussion toward an academic purpose of learning about performance strategies?

No problem, would love to do it. If you don’t mind, can you send me the documentation for your app as a single page?

To save it, use Chrome and in the App Editor, go to Info > Properties and click App Documentation and you will find a link (attached to the word here) at the bottom. Please email it to me (Jayaram@able3ventures.com) or send me a link where I can download it.

Hi @Bellave_Jayaram.

Thanks for your generous offer! Let met do more core work on my app before sending it to you.