What is the Network Egress Pricing when using Cloud SQL?

For example, if I set up Cloud SQL on us-west1 and use it in AppSheet, which Network Egress Pricing will be applied?

I would expect the Google Products Intra-continental to apply, but I suspect that is not currently the case.

If my understanding is correct, I would like to see a change so that Google Products’ Intra-continental is applied.

As I understand it, AppSheet sends the required data to the device via the AppSheet server on every Sync. While I understand that this is an important architecture to keep the device nimble, it also leads to a large amount of data being sent.
I believe that communication cost will become an important consideration in the future when using cloud databases.

I believe this is an important theme that will lead to the expansion of GCP in the following cases that spreadsheets can no longer handle. :sunglasses:

Customer: I don’t care where, but what cloud database do you recommend?
AppSheet Consultant: GCP!


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