What is the proper Google sheet time setting for London BST?

I need to set the locale for London. AppSheet will not update unless the sheet’s locale matches. When I look through the Google Sheet settings for time zone, there is only a London entry tagged as GMT+0. London is currently on British Summer Time for daylight savings so is actually GMT+1.

What time zone in Google Sheets should I being using currently for London? Does the listed time zone London (GMT+0) automatically adjust for BST? I would think not.

Hm, it seems that Google Sheets handles it by specifying two GMT+0 zones, with and without daylight savings. I wasn’t able to find docs to support it, but I would expect the one marked for “London” to follow DST.

Since GMT doesn’t recognize DST, I would be leery of choosing (GMT+0). It doesn’t hurt to try it though. I temporarily set it to Paris which is GMT+ 1.

As a secondary issue, I am having trouble getting the app to reflect the London date format even after following the article below. I’ve change the sheet, updated the app and changed the locale setting on my MacBook. I still see the date in US format and not UK. Any suggestions here?

Yours nis the second post I’ve seen about this today. Sounds like a bug. Off to support@appsheet.com with you, lad!

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I hadn’t dug deeply enough. I was looking at dates used in Labels for grouping but the actual Date columns were in the correct format.

Apparently its a known issue when using dates in an expression that results in text such as CONCATENATE. Dates are retrieved in MM/DD/YYYY format rather than the locale’s format. Wrapping the date in a TEXT() function - simply TEXT([TheDate]) - fixes the formatting problem.

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Ah, yes. I recently addressed this very issue in the Text Expressions help doc: