What is the purpose of the "Name" column type?

I can’t seem to find a purpose for the “Name” column type, how is it different from the text column type?

As far as I’ve been able to determine, a Name column is a Text column that is intended for a person’s or group’s name, as might be present in the device’s address book. I seem to recall being offered suggested values from my address book when I’ve tried Name-type columns. I believe Address-type columns will similarly suggest values from the user’s address book.


Thanks for this explanation. This should be part of column types help doc.

By the way can it accept first or last name, or full name, or all of them?

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It’ll accept any text. The value the Name column type adds is auto-suggesting names from the user’s contacts (from the contacts app built into the device). Similarly, an Address column suggests addresses found in the user’s contacts.