What is the timeline for push notifications t...

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What is the timeline for push notifications to become available for white label apps?

Is there a workaround for this in the meantime? Maybe through Broadcast notifications?

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@Grant_Stead thank you!

If we went the route of SMS or email for notifications in the meantime, how does AppSheet track our users emails and how do we obtain the cell #’s? Is there a data set already created once users log in with their emails? If so how do we send to all instead of having to input each individually? Would it be possible to do geofencing for this email addresses or phone numbers? I know this is a loaded question. I’m very new to the app development world.

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@John_Beck hey John! So, the best approach is to create a user table, to collect that information.

Are you planning to have it be a public application, or do you want to require a log in?

(John Beck) #5

Right now it is a public app where our users show up as guests. Do guest users ID’s change every time they access the app or do they stay the same? Will the user table collect this automatically? The only way i see us being able to send any notifications at the moment is if we have the users email or cell number? Is that a correct assumption?

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@John_Beck the only way that you can allow appsheet to use the users credentials is if they are logged in. And logging in isn’t something you want to do with a public app.

I think the best thing to do would have a contact form of some sort on your website in which they have to provide you their information, then after they hit submit they get a nice automatic email from you with the link to download the app. (This info can even be stored in a Google sheet, and used by the app… But I don’t think you need to use it in the actual app…)

Then utilize the USERSETTINGS in the app to collect their email, phone, location… Then the app will show them things only based on that info

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@Grant_Stead Could we not have a sign up form when they access the app to obtain this information? Creating a log in with their email etc. We pushed an email notification to our clients but when any one outside of our clients goes to download the app we would like to be able to capture that information as well.

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@John_Beck Absolutely, I was just trying to help with an automated delivery process… (Cause seriously, who is going to randomly just up and download your app…)

So, yes you can create a one-way street to absorb user information. HOWEVER with it being public you don’t want anyone to be able to have access to your list of user PII… So, you must be diligent to ensure that the security filter is set-up correctly, and then it’s simply a glorified form, whether on your website, or in the app, they can be mirrored, and even connected to the same table… But, with the security filter set-up so that it sends info, but never sees info, you won’t be able to use that information within the app for apptastic stuff…

I hope i’m making myself clear…

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