What is this, and why is it like this now?

what is this, and why is it like this now???

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This Group aggregate, Display a numeric summary of the rows in each group.

I know that but can you see how it is displayed now. It is a mes

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First time i see some thing like that :open_mouth:

what is next, i mean it is now very funy where this is going.
The ux design team is so bad and i think i am speaking in behalf of all the members of appsheet app makers.
And nobody is even responded about this.
ux is the first thing that customers are paying attention on, but here is so sooo bad right now.


I suspect its because you’ve grouped it by 2 items and not 1

I have group by’s that are 3-4 deep and have not seen this. Also on a quick test my app doesn’t look like this. Maybe try turning the format rule off and on?

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The AppSheet UX designers are only like 10% responsible because they build the framework. You are the one that configures and sets up the UX for your views, and unless its because of a bug, it looking bad is your own doing.

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of thoughts on this.
AppSheet lets you app creators build you own apps with its own views and presentation. There are a lot of possible UI combinations with AppSheet and whenever we release a new UI feature, there might be some edge cases that we did not anticipate. This is especially true as app creators sometimes use features in unexpected ways and that we’re not always aware of. Anyway, each functionality comes with its limitations and as @Bahbus mentioned, it’s up to the app creator to configure the app properly.

Now we’ve been rolling out UI changes lately and that definitely changed how all AppSheet applications look like. When we make these changes, we believe there are benefits to app creators and app users. However, as I’ve mentioned above, we have lots of app creators building applications in very different ways and we can’t recreate all possible combinations. So some of the changes have unintended consequences and there are bugs too. We try to fix the bugs. On other reported issues, we listen to the feedback and determine if it’s a design issue or an implementation issue, if it’s an edge case or not, etc before taking action. So please bear with us, report these to us and give us time to take a look at them.

@ns_soft_studio1 For the particular issue you reported, the icon, the text value and the aggregate count are misaligned and they should not be. Your message is not explicit, but I’m assuming that your issue is that all three should be on the same level. As others have shown with some screenshots and I’ve double-checked myself on an app (see screenshot), it’s not easy to reproduce your issue.

So I have a couple of questions for you.

  • Did your app change suddenly without you making any changes in the app definition?
  • Can you share your app configuration to make this happen?

In the future, we’d appreciate if you give us a little bit more context and clearly explain what the issue is.

Thank you


@Arthur_Rallu it has changed suddenly over night, and in every of our apps that have this kind of grouping.
I really don’t know process that you are going thru all I see is a lot more problems’ with the platform then ever before, and bugs of all sorts.
And now you have one more problem the apps are getting slow and does not react to changes that are made at the spot for example, button that is checked it doesn’t despair (and it has that configuration, worked before thee days) and now i it stays like that.
All i know is that we have a lot of patients and understanding for you work, but you are changing it in a way that we have a lot complaints of users, that we cant fix.

The placement of the icons:


is a bug introduced by an attempt to allow line-wrapping in deck views.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.



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