* What plan is the best? * I am building an a...

(Fernando López) #1
  • What plan is the best? * I am building an app for a catalogue (in google spreadsheet) , I have around 50000 Items categorized in 5 groups. I’m planing to use security filters combined with USERSETTINGS to not load too many data to the user app. I don’t need user sign in. Is the PUBLISHER PRO PLAN the correct license? Can I use with this plan Data Partition? So I can better organize my data in 5 spreadsheets (one for each category)?
(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Fernando, data partitioning is a business subscription feature.

One thing to remember with security filters and google sheets — there are two steps involved in reading data. (a) from the sheet to the AppSheet service and (b) from the AppSheet service to the device/app.

The security filters apply to step (b). But for Google Sheets, there is no extra efficiency in step (a). That efficiency is only possible for something like a database data source.

So if your data gets to be too large, you do need a business subscription — either to use a database data source or to use partitioning.

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Thank you @praveen, but let me understand, you say that SECURITY FILTERS can optimize the amount of data sent from the appsheet server to the app user (less sync time, I guess), so the PUBLISHER PRO PLAN is the right plan?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Security filters optimize that part of it. However, much of the time, the delay during sync is in the other part. As your data set grows, all of it has to be fetched from Google Sheets to the AppSheet service.

The best you can do with the Publisher Plus plan is to set up a security filter to minimize the data sent in step (b).

(Fernando López) #5

Thank you @praveen, I’ll get the PUBLISHER PLAN