What´s maximum number of characters can intro...

(Manuel Francisco Moreno Portillo) #1

What´s maximum number of characters can introduce into valid if formula space???

I need to introduce a very large formula and only accept me a part of it???

It would be possible to increase it???

Right now valid if space formula accept me 182 characters and i need to enter a formula with 588 character.

Some help please…

(Yılmaz Kandiş) #2

You may try to use a virtual column (or columns) that give results by using part of your Valid_If formula then use the results in your final Valid_If column.

(Manuel Francisco Moreno Portillo) #3

@Yilmaz_Kandis1 Thanks a lot!!!

It works perfect!!!

Regards and thank you so much again!!!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4


Provided you are sure of the expression’s syntax, you can just copy&paste the expression in Valid_if without launching the expression builder from the blue funnel and save&verify your column structure.