What’s the expression to find the distance between 2 coordinates

Hi I have a column dedicated for LatLong in my sheet what’s the formula I can use to find the distance between 2 coordinates in 2 different cells

Hi, you are looking for an expression DISTANCE(). The result is as km.


further clarification…

When I use the above expression I am getting the distance between the two co-ordinates, but it’s distance is direct point to point…

Is there a way I can get the distance via road as shown on google maps.

For instance when I put in 2 co-ordinates I m getting distance of 15.7 km in Google Maps , where’s the expression yields a result of 12.5 …

Hence I am assuming the AppSheet expression is not via road but direct points in maps

Correct, it is direct. More precisely I understand the calculation should be based on Great Circle.


Is there a way to achieve this distance calculation by road…as shown in Google maps

I don’t think so.

Is there a google api expression like the one there is for qr code generation…for this


Will certainly try this…will it also work for LatLong instead of address