What should be my relative path to this file?

What should be the relative path to give in my column to this file XYZ.pdf

The location from the root folder of my google drive are as follows

App location


Data source (Google Sheet) Location


Could you update how those files are created?

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These are pdf files are created using Automation

What I want is after its created , I want to open the files from my table where I have given one column for this file. That column shows the file icon which when clicked should open the file that was created. So I need to give the relative path of this file in the column.

Please go through the following post wherein @Rich of AppSheet team has described the approach to attach such files to a record in file type column.


Thanks Mr.Gurjar,

This looks great.Let me try this but just in the same time , I think I have been able to solve the solution suggested by @Aleksi too. I got confused between Add shortcut to drive and Add to drive. I tried shift+Z earlier but dint seem to work , probablysome mistake but now it did. What its doing basically from my understanding is creating a replica of the folder, sort of shortcut but not exactly , it opens in the same location but any changes in the folder (addition or deletion of files) is reflected in both the folders.

Good to know that. Since you know the finer details of your app, you will be the best judge to know which method suits you- both are from AppSheet experts @Aleksi and @Rich.

It will be good if you post the link to @Aleksi 's solution for any future readers of this post thread.


I do not have any link to his detailed post - just a couple of comments above from @tsuji_koichi and @alexsi.


Got it. Thank you.