What should I do with the yellow warning sign when dereferencing? (Broken Reference?)

I have 3 tables. List of Employees (A), Issued Vouchers (B), and Claiming ©. Under them are the following columns:

List of Employees (A)
Employee ID
Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Contact Number
Full Name with the formula Concatenate([Last Name],", “,[First Name],” “,[Middle Name],” ",[Suffix])

Issued Vouchers (B): I wanted to autopopulate the other fields using dereferencing which worked.
Reference Number with the formula concatenate(Voucher Number],[Employee ID])
Employee Name with the formula [Full Name].[Full Name]
Voucher Number with the formula randbetween(10000,15000)
Employee ID with the formula [Full Name].[Employee ID]
Full Name as Ref Column referring to Table A
OTP with the formula Randbetween(300000,600000)

Claiming ©: I also wanted to Dereference from Table B so that the fields Full Name and Amount be filled automatically. The problem is the suggested values in the Reference Number Field has a yellow warning sign and the other fields don’t show up.
Reference Number as Ref Column referring to Table B
-this also has a formula for Suggested Values which is Issued Vouchers[Reference Number] as to minimize the error when inputting in this field.
Full Name with formula [Reference Number].[Full Name]
Amount with formula [Reference Number].[Amount]
Enter OTP


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Thank you for this! As I was going through the threads I couldn’t find an answer on how to fix a broken reference. I tried removing the formula for the Suggested Values of Reference Number under the Claiming Table and it returns the values of Full Name from the Table List of Employees. I think that’s why there’s a yellow sign because the values don’t match.

Is there a way to “unload” the initial value stored so that I can dereference again using different values?

The triangle means the reference is broken.

A column of type Ref should contain the value from the key column of a row in the table referenced. If the Ref column value is not blank, but doesn’t match a value in the key column of the referenced table, the triangle will be displayed.

To fix a broken reference, you must replace the Ref column value with one that matches the key column value of the intended row of the referenced table. There’s no easy way to do this. You’ll need to edit each row and give the column a new value.

Do you know how the Ref columns got the bad values in the first place? You’ll need to ensure it doesn’t happen any more.