What tables will I need if my task sounds like this?

Hello! What tables will I need if my task sounds like this?

  1. Create the task manager application
  2. There are several leaders in the company
  3. Each leader has his subordinates
  4. The leader can set tasks only to his subordinates
  5. The leader and subordinates see only their tasks

For starters you’d need:

  • Employees
  • Tasks

But then other supporting tables like:

  • Clients
  • Projects

And maybe some tables to connect things together:

  • Task Assignments
  • Task time-logs
  • Task notes

Those would be good starting points. Here’s some documentation to point you in the right direction:


Thanks, I read the docs. Now more clearly.

Tell me please. I have tasks and each task has a director and performer. How to make users see only those tasks in which they are the director or performer?

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You’ll need to create a filter of some kind.

There’s a lot of ways to go about this, all depending on how people will be using the app.

You could create slices or security filters to accomplish what you wish.