What to do when calling from the app to update my date/time?

what to do when calling from the app to update my date/time ?

Could you elaborate bit more so that we can find the area for the advice to you?

Yes ! I have a contact app with phone column and a date column
When I am calling a phone number I want an action to automatically change the date to now

Very briefly.
I think you can achieve your goal. I super quickly generated a sample for you where you can examine and get the tips to learn how to set up your app.


The point

  1. Generate the “counter” which works as “event listener” to fire the change the value in the timestamp]
  2. Hide the system generated Phone action
  3. Create action to increase the value in counter field incrementally.
  4. Create another action to fire actions a. activate phone call + b. action to change counter value (run sequence of actions)
  5. Set your latest call time filed to changetimestamp, and select the trigger field as counter field
  6. Place action (no.4 above) as inline action attached to your phone number field.

Basically that`it.