What type of educational resource would be most helpful?

Hi everyone!

We would love to know what type of resources would be most helpful in improving your learning experience. If you had to pick just one, what type of resource would be the most helpful?

  • Using AppSheet in my industry
  • Creating certain types of applications with AppSheet (inventory, surveys, CRMs, etc)
  • Understanding AppSheet features without reference to app types or industry: how to use them, what they are (this is separate from feature releases and updates)

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Hey everyone! Don’t forget to vote on this!

Is this still working?

Still up and running @Lynn if it’s unresponsive, let me know and I can fix it.

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I voted for the reelection of Mr Quimby as our mayor! springfield is better thanks to him!

What do you mean it isn’t the right place?

Understanding how appsheet features work is the most important to me, as this covers all industries/app types, and i haven’t had the chance to learn them all, yet! knowing more about how a feature works and is implemented would definitely make it easier to consider and adopt.