What will b workflow expression? When return...

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What will b workflow expression?

When return time’ (datetime type), is equal to present time i want to send an email to the user.

Also what will be ‘to’ email if i want to send email to that specific user. Is it


Thnx in advance…

(Philip Garrett) #2

When checking the DateTime column value, you probably want to see if it occurred in the past 5, 10 or 20 minutes because the workflow rule will run shortly after the DateTime column value is updated. See the third example under topic “Complex Expressions” in this article help.appsheet.com - Date and Time Expressions

If “usermail” is a field in the added or updated record being processed by the workflow rule, simply use [usermail] Date and Time Expressions help.appsheet.com

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Gives me the result 1 day before, how can i do it for 10 minutes before?

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Look at the very next example in the article.