What's controlling "opening" view

I’ve set up my app to show About on startup, and then Settings when About is dismissed. But when About is dismissed I want the left-most menu view to be opened. Instead, the left menu view is being opened - and I don’t see why that’s being done or how that can be adjusted. Thanks very much.

Thanks for your quick response Steve - but that’s the setting which correctly causes my Settings view to be displayed after the About screen is dismissed. My issue is what determines what view is displayed when Settings is dismissed. The app is going to my second view on the menu (i.e. left), and not the first which I want (i.e. left-most). I would understand where you cannot control the flow that granularly, but was hoping Appsheet was following some logic that I could use for my purposes.

Ah! So your starting view is a form! When I last experimented with that setup, as I recall, the view chosen in the first view in the list of all (non-ref?) views–or the last, I don’t remember exactly. The only way to “control” it was to strictly control the list order, which is cumbersome to do. Realistically, a form as the starting view is simply not supported and should be avoided.

Thanks Steve. Actually, after the About and USERSETTINGS, the view I want is a detail, but the one shown is a dashboard. Both the desired and displayed views are primary views (on the bottom menu) - the desired detail view is shown as the top left and the used dashboard view is shown as the top right on the appsheet editor.

Any solution for this?