What's is happening to bot when we copy it

This behavior may change tomorrow, as it seems bunch of new works made on BOT everyday. But this is gentle feedback in terms of ‘copying’ bot operation.

Currently we observe those when we copy bot.

1.Event : new event is created for new bot
2.Task : not being copied. New bot refers to the task for sourced bot
3.Process : newly created for new bot (off course)
4. Action : not being created. New bot refers to the Actions for sourced bot

There are inconsistency to me if or not the element of BOT is copied or not. Especially, by copying bot to generate new event, which seems to be against the re-usability of the bot (Appsheet claims), as it duplicate the same event.

Again, this might be addressed in the future. So just stating what I feel for now.



I have noticed something as well. When i copy a bot i must hit save before editing, or else it changes the source bot and not the copied one

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