What's the best way to do an Inspection Check...

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What’s the best way to do an Inspection Checklist Form with MANY questions?

I do have three different Checklist Forms, one for Administrative Areas, one for Production Areas and one for Common Areas (restrooms, dressing rooms, cantina, etc)

The administration area has 8 Sections for different checklist subjects.

A total of 22 questions distributed in these 8 sections. But then, 7 of these checklist questions must be made 3 times at least, for different equipement.

So in total I do have 7x3+(22-7) questions. 36 questions. For the Administrative Areas alone.

But worse. These questions are not simply YES or NO. I must have the option for N/A (Non Applicable) too.

AND I must be able to take photos for each question and maybe even add a comment.

While editing a single question (a column) and adding three ENUM options (Yes, No, N/A), plus writing the question (if I decide to make calculations later, better to have each Question in the spreadsheet as Q1, Q2, Q1a, Q1b, etc), doing it for 36 questions in Administrative Area, 32 questions in Production Area and 14 for Common Areas will be a LOT of hand work.

Considering ALL questions have the same kind of answers (Yes, No or N/A) and I want to be able to take photos and write comments for all them, isn´t there a faster way of doing it, like COPYING and PASTING columns?

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Ok, it seems it gets easier by using the SHOW ALL PROPERTIES button above the columns in the Data Tab. And then hiding the cell phone screen on the right of the screen.

It makes it easier to copy and paste data across multiple columns, instead of entering inside each of them.

Regarding photos for each question.

I want to allow multiple photos for each question.

That is possible by creating a child table for the photos.

But the child table links to the whole mother table, right?

Does anyone knows if there is a way to have multiple questions in one table, and then have a single photo table where each photo will be linked to individual questions (columns) of an individual line (each line is a different Inspection)?