What's the standard way to make approval flow?

Hi, I would like to know the standard way to make approval flow with AppSheet.

approval flow image

  1. User request day-off request to managers.
  2. one person from managers approve user`s request
  3. User get the approval email or notification.

Let me some comment about “managers” in this scenario.
For example, Kevin, Alex and Tom are managers and only 1 person from 3 people handle user`s request.

I think customer want to use this type of approval flow, and what’s the standard way to make this type of application with AppSheet? in my understanding, AppSheet can handle user, not group. So, I wonder…(Lotus Notes user would like to make that).


Thank you, Steve.

I knew the url you shared.And I found some patterns about my scenario.
So, I just want to know the standard way or best practice regarding AppSheet architecure for scenario I shared.

Does anybody know this, please share me it.