What's with the warning symbol? I have creat...

(Karl Rolfe) #1

What’s with the warning symbol?

I have created a ref virtual column in my Timesheets table to pull the Employee Name from the Employees table. It works superbly, no errors shown on my errors tab in the Info section and my app compiles and runs fine. Except…

On my Ux that virtual field has a warning symbol next to it. Why? No explanation is given anywhere as to why it is there or how to get rid of it.

Is it because I have two ref columns in my Timesheets table back to the one table (Employees)?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

no, its because the value of the ref field is not a valid key in the referenced table. the icon tells you it is a broken reference

(Karl Rolfe) #3


Thanks for your reply. The thing is, the column I chose to reference on is unique in the source table. What criteria does AppSheet use to decide

it’s not valid?

(Karl Rolfe) #4

As far as I can tell both my ref fields are using the key field in the source table to reference on.

(Karl Rolfe) #5

This is my formula in the App Formula: =LOOKUP([_THISROW].[employee_id],“HR: Employee Details”,EmployeeID,Employee)

EmployeeID is the key field in the source table (HR: Employee Details)

(Karl Rolfe) #6

Both columns seem to be using the same key column in the source:

(Karl Rolfe) #7
(Karl Rolfe) #8

And the Test shows no errors with predicted results:

(Karl Rolfe) #9

This is still an issue for me, as far as I can see I have a relationship between my two tables which is based on the key column in the source and yet I get a warning symbol. What am I missing??

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #10

If you have a ref column, the value in it should be the key value in the other table.

It looks like your formula is looking up row based on its key, but is returning another column, not the key column.

Usually, the lookup would be the other way around. Something like:

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[EmployeeName], [Employee Details], [Name], [Employee Id])