whats wrong on sintaxe? Format Rules: 2 < ( ...

(Halyne Ribeiro) #1

whats wrong on sintaxe?

Format Rules: 2 < ( (YEAR(TODAY())) - (YEAR(DATE(AUTOS{DATA}))) )

AUTOS = Other Table / List DATA = Column of AUTOS

i want to get a data of another table called AUTOS, this table is ref like List. I want that returnes me type Date, to calculate.

(Luis Flores) #2

Have you tried AUTOS[DATA]?

(Tony Fader) #3

@Halyne_Ribeiro I think you’ll need to rethink your approach. AUTOS[DATA] will return a list of values, but the DATE(…) function expects a single value.

If the format rule is being applied to the AUTOS table, then you can do something like this:


The difference between what you wrote and what I wrote: - I removed unnecessary parentheses - I replace AUTOS{DATA} with [DATA]. Format rules are applied one row at a time, so [DATA] will refer to the DATA column of the current row. - I removed DATE(…). If your DATA column is of type DateTime or Date, you won’t need to use the DATE(…) function.

Can you give that a try?

(Halyne Ribeiro) #4


Yes… I tried many differents

(Halyne Ribeiro) #5


YEAR [DATA] works if this column were in the same table, but this data comes from another table. I’ve tried it anyway.

(Tony Fader) #6

@Halyne_Ribeiro You’re going to need to figure out a way to pick a single value of DATA. You have an entire column of [DATA] values, which one is the right one?

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