Whatsapp api

Guys It Would Be Awesome If You Can Provide a Whatsapp Api service to make some chatboots but really compatible with Spreedsheets and Appsheet.

Direct Messaging is the future of marketing


I think this depends on WhatsApp/Facebook.
Today the only public API is to make some actions via URL that needs user interaction. Robust API via HTTP is just for Business and needs to be approved by them.


You want AppSheet to provide an API for someone else’s service? Why not use the API that service already provides?

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Hi Steve, thanks for answering.

Whatsapp Actually dont provide public APIs, only to big companies, so we have to go for third party services.

Lot of those services are expensive and full of “decorative” functions that blow up prices.

It would be awesome if Appsheet have it own Whatsapp Api that works in a consistent way and actually a more native. We dont need fancy UI that these third party have, to make some cool stuff as app developers.

I think Whatsapp bots will rise as the state of art in Direct Costumer services nearly worldwide.
Its Fast, Its really comfortable for simple human beings that want instant gratification in nearly everything.

It would be amazing to have a solid API betwen Appsheet and Whatsapp, and I think Appsheet team may find a way better solution than folks like me that nearly understand how Internet works



It’s 100% on WhatsApp/Facebook side to provide a usefull API, not AppSheet’s fault.
Telegram does provide an amazing API without needing AppSheet to be some kind of partner or something.