Whatsapp integration

Would like to ability to send PDFs to whats-app as well as integration of the chat-bot with Whats-app.

If there already is some way to do this any tips would be appreciated. For now im posting in feature request,


I believe you can use Twilio to access WhatsApp. But that requires you to setup your own Twilio account to link to AppSheet.

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Seems like a lot of work, need to get verified, need Facebook business manager account.

Twilio also does not support group chats. I need to send PDFs to a group chat.

It is a lot of work, which is why it’s unlikely to be added. For sending SMS we currently use AppSheet’s shared Twilio. And if Twilio does not support group chats, it’s probably impossible for AppSheet to integrate that functionality independently.

Possible option, though it requires switching away from WhatsApp and I don’t know the requirements of why people are using WhatsApp or if they are even able to change it, try Discord. Create a new, private Discord server (free). Get a webhook to the server (free). Use the webhook to do things (free). I think you can send files like a PDF through the webhook. It will also take a decent amount of work to make this work as Discord JSONs can be rather finicky.

Any companies that currently use things like WhatsApp, GroupMe, or other chat apps to organize groups of people for communication purposes, I recommend them switch to Discord. It’s better at doing all of that. When you’re actually collaborating then things like Slack and Teams is good too.

My company used 5 different GroupMe chats to organize (we’re small). I switched us to 1 Discord server with different channels that are only visible based on permissions. User management is ezpz. But, anywho, I digress. Let me know if that could potentially be an option, and I’ll lend a hand.