WhatsApp send message link

Hi everyone,

Im trying to make a “Send WhatsApp message” action.

Found this address for whatsapp API, which actually works fine if you just type the phone number:
https://wa.me/“phone number”

BTW I´m using in the target URL for the WhatsApp action I have setup.

What would be the right way to refer “phone number” to the data of “Cellphone” column?



Solved. Using CONCATENATE formula.

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I would like to see that made into a simple demo to be put under ‘Tips and Tricks’ please!

Sure, Colin, this is what I´ve done. Really easy.

  1. i´ve set up an action:

The basic target URL for whatsapp messaging is: https://wa.me,“phonenumber”
This works if you just type your phone number in the “phonenumber” field.
Although if you want the phone number to be pulled from a column use the CONCATENATE formula like in the screenshot. “[contacto]” is the name of the column where I have the phone numbers.

*NOTE. You need your google sheet or wherever your data table is to show the “+” sign in front of the phone number. Otherwise, it´ll probably wont work. To accomplish this, just add an apostrophe ’ before the + symbol. This way Google Sheets, recognizes your input as text, and wont delete the + symbol.

  1. This is the result:
    Captura de Pantalla 2020-06-23 a la(s) 7.28.35

Hope this helps!


Neat idea.

So I believe Whatsapp changed something and the link stopped working.
I had to remove the “+” symbol and set the column as “number” type.

Now working again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Use : https://wa.me/1XXXXXXXXXX

Don’t use : https://wa.me/+001-(XXX)XXXXXXX


Is there a way to select the contact from the contact list once redirected to WhatsApp with a pre-filled message from AppSheet?