WhatsApp to send images and url

Once i click the action Image and Url in the Appsheet App should go to the phone number or group please let me know if it is possible and process to do it

Thanks in Advance

Your request makes no sense to me. :frowning:

I am sorry @Steve let me rephrase it

I am working on a app in which I am trying to send whatsapp messages from the appsheet app I am able to send text messages using action is there any possibility to send images and URL in the same way


You need to create your own TWILIO WHATSAPP account for that initially. Then you can use TWILIO WHATSAPP webhook endpoint to send media and docs.


Hi @sreekar_pranav

I am also trying to send notifications via WhatsApp, in the same way that AppSheet sends Emails. I see that you have already solved the problem, so if you could share how you did it I would appreciate it.